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Noni D-Care - A U-Turn from Diabetes.

Noni Fruit, Nature's Greatest Gift To Human Kind. After 15 Year-long Medical Research, Ashirwaad Noni Has Unveiled World's Greatest Noni Fruit-based Treatment With Amazing Properties With The Label “Noni D-Care”.

Non- D-care - it Is A Revolutionary Product For Diabetes That Has Proven In Clinical Trials. A Magical Potion Yielded From Noni Fruit Juice Blended With Powerful Herbs Like Saptarangi, Trikut, Punarnava, Kanysaar, Shalaki, Nirgundi, And Shilajeet.

Ayurveda's One More Gift For Those Who Are Already Diabetic Or Are At The Threshold Of Being A Diabetic Because Of Their Familial History Of Diabetes.

Noni D-care Is The Only Scientifically Proven Formula That Heals Damaged Pancreas, Kidneys, Heart And Nervous System. It Empowers A Diabetic Person To Get Back To His Normal Life By Managing His Diabetic Life.

Noni D-care For Its Scientifically-based Research And Wonderful Effects, Has Got The Merit Of Appreciation from The Scientists From All Over The World.

How Noni D-Care Functions

Noni D-care Has A 360-degree Effect On Diabetic Patients. It Counters The Weakening Of Body Organs Caused By Side Effects Of Diabetes.

It Reinstates Stamina And Strengthens Immunity That Is Lost To Diabetes. Noni Fruit Has Antibacterial, Anti fungal, And Anti-viral Properties. It Is A Natural Anti oxidant That Helps In Slowing Down Aging Process Because Of This Attribute, Noni Fruit Is Also Called Ayush Phal Or Amrut Phal.

Noni D-Care, Active Ayurveda For Healthy Life ( One Pack Contains 3 Bottle of 500ML Each)

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A Mystical Drug Unveiled for Those Sweet Tooth!

Diabetes, one of the universally prevalent lifestyle disorders. Nearly 8.5% of global population is affected by this disorder.

It claims 1 in every 6 seconds! Diabetes not only steals you from the pleasure of having your favorite sweets, moreover affects you physically, emotionally and psychologically

A disorder that gives an open invitation to many other deadly health issues.

How Noni D Care Benifits You

  • 01 Fortified With Goodness Of Wonder Fruit Noni And Ayurvedic Herbs.
  • 02 Aids In Better Digestion And Stimulates Metabolism
  • 03 Strengthens Vital Organs By Resisting The Damages Caused By The Side Effects Of Diabetes
  • 04 Controls Blood Pressure
  • 05 Works On Insomnia And Acts As A Stress Reliever
  • 06 Regulates Hormonal Imbalances Like Thyroid Issues
  • 07 Improves Neurological Problems
  • 08 Works As A Tonic For Better Heart Health
  • 09 Improves Joint And Bone Issues
  • 10 Does Not Have Any Side Effects

Let Us Serve You

Call our Research Center, brief your medical problems to our Experts, and you will receive complete Noni D-Care treatment at your residence.

Customer Reviews

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29 out of 32 (82%)
Customers recommended this product


Sabyasachi Mishra Verified

After using Noni D Care for some days, I feel like my diabetes-related complications are going away...will keep taking it for some more days and then will check my blood sugar levels.

Jayakumar D. Verified

The trial is going on…result's awaited…

Satish Dubey Verified

Like other Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes, this one too is good for pre-diabetes (blood sugar around 150-175 levels). It cannot control very high blood sugar levels.

Danish Verified

My mother suddenly got diabetic and following were her sugar levels before taking any medicine:
Fasting- 284
2 hours after meal- 493

Then she started taking Noni D Care. She quit allopathic medicines and taking only Noni. The sugar levels are:
Fasting - 115
2 hours after meal- 162


My neighbour introduced me to this product. Within 15 days of having it, I saw good changes in me and my blood sugar levels also came down.

Apart from regulating sugar, it also healed some wounds, which I doubt were sugar-related. Must try if you are looking for a natural solution for sugar-related problems.

Gitanjali Prasad

My sugar is under control since I started using it…

Shivani S

It gives stable results. I have it on my subscription plan.


My mother suddenly got diabetic and she wanted something herbal, so tried Noni. She has shown some improvement.

Megha Kumar

One of my family members recommended this product.I thought it would not work. But after 15 days I'm pleased with the results.


Feeling good. Recommend it.

Vishnu Verified

This product is amazing! My average blood sugar readings have dropped considerably and I feel much better. I have Type 2 Diabetes for 21 years; was taking a product with Metformin for years. I am currently taking insulin but I am growing less dependent on it now because of this wonderful product. Consult with your medical professional prior to using this because everyone's situation is different. Otherwise, I strongly endorse this product!

Manmath Munde

When my blood sugar is high, I usually get a headache with confusion and bad temper. After taking Noni D Care, I have not felt that in 2 days. My chest doesn't feel heavy and painful. I feel positive with no mood swings as earlier I used to have.

Shiva Sai Verified

My husband uses it for blood sugar and I use it for weight control. We've tried many brands over the years (about 5 years). Sometimes, we have zero results, other times it's iffy. This product produces stable results for both of us. I highly recommend it for your nutritional needs. I now have it on a subscription plan because it's so reliable.

Lalit Mohan Verified

My mother is taking it last 15 days. I will update the review again after 2 months.

Swantantra Gupta Verified

Efficacy / Effectiveness of this medicine is better than other ayurvedic diabetes medicines, which I have tried.

Shriya Verified

Noni D Care is best product to maintain blood sugar level and also helps in weight management. Must try it regularly to see the results.

Rajesh V Verified

Recommend this. It works.

Shiv Shankar Gupta Verified

Good. Definitely will buy it again!

Lalit Mohan Verified

My mother is taking it for the last2 week.

Gitanjali Prasad Verified

My sugar is under control since I started using it…

Shivaji Solanki Verified

I have been taking this for a few weeks now and I have to say I am very impressed. When I started taking it, I was little apprehensive about the results. But feel better now. My cravings too are less as well. I will have my blood work done in the next few weeks. Overall, this is a great product.

Rajesh V Verified

This product helps when my blood sugar gets too low when I wake up in the morning. I also carry this when I'm out and about.

Meet Pandit Verified

After seeing ads on social media, I decided to give Noni D Care a try. I've not used any medication so far for my diabetes. This seems to have a number of positive results. Excited to see more results soon!

Ajay Gautam

Found this product useful…have started showing some benefit...hope it will give good results in coming days.

Shiv Shankar Gupta Verified

Good herbal supplement to keep your blood sugar balanced. Definitely will buy again!

Megha Kumar Verified

One of my family member recommended this product. I thought it will not work. But after 15 days I realized, it has affected my sugar level positively. Now my sugar level is normal. I'm following diabetic diet and take this medicine every day.

Manmath Verified

I usually get a headache. I’ve felt it less in severity after taking Noni D-Care. Feel positive now.

Meet Pandit

Not sure

Ajay Gautam Verified

Found this product useful... hope it will give good results in the coming days.

Swantantra Gupta Verified

I feel more in control of my diabetes now.

Shriya Verified

Noni D Care helps in weight management also.


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