Type 1 Diabetes: Treatment & Diagnosis

Type 1 Diabetes: Treatment & Diagnosis

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder.

Do you know what's autoimmune disorder? An autoimmune disorder is a condition where the body's immune system gets confused and fights its own healthy cells, tissues, and organs.

Here, in diabetes, the immune system fights pancreatic beta cells, which are responsible for making insulin, resulting in low insulin production and high blood sugar. Contrasting to type 2 diabetes, which is more of a lifestyle disease, and is acquired at a later age, type 1 diabetes may catch you early in life because of it being an autoimmune disorder.

Studies have shown that viruses including COVID-19, dietary elements, and/or stressors may initiate autoimmune beta cell damage.

Constant monitoring and treatment are required to manage type 1 diabetes mellitus. Let's learn about the treatment options and the methods of diagnosis.

How to diagnose Type 1 diabetes mellitus?

A few symptoms such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, fatigue, sudden weight loss, and vision issues are usually felt by individuals with their new onset undetected diabetes. Unlike type 2 diabetes, type 1 has a rapid onset of symptoms.

Medical practitioners confirm a patient's diagnosis by measuring the sugar level by blood tests. If blood sugar levels are constantly at a higher side, it may be a red flag.

Type 1 diabetes has a clear genetic factor. Hence, the tendency of one to develop diabetes can be assessed from their family history.

Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

Currently, there is no remedy for type 1 diabetes though it can be managed with insulin therapy, regular blood sugar checks, herbal diabetes medicines, diabetes diet, and exercise.

Insulin treatment: In type 1 diabetes, the body doesn't make insulin and requires regular insulin doses in the form of injections or an insulin pump, which supplies insulin through a tiny tube implanted under the skin.

Monitoring Blood Sugar: For managing diabetes, consistent checking of blood sugar levels is needed. This assists in determining the pattern and the dosage of insulin. It also helps prevent complications.

Herbal Diabetes Medicines: Alternative medicines, such as herbal diabetes syrup and herbal immunity boosters, are opted for by individuals to manage diabetes. Researchers have proved that Noni has anti-diabetic properties. Saptarangi, the root and stem of which is used in diabetic syrup, has kapha-vata balancing potential. Herbal diabetes medicines and diabetic syrup by managing blood sugar levels may also help improve immunity and promote overall well-being.

Immunity: Developing immunity is essential as immunity is compromised due to the autoimmune disorder linked to type 1 diabetes mellitus. Hence, taking an immunity booster syrup or tablet will help increase immunity levels.

Diet for Diabetics: A balanced diet that consists of protein, carbohydrates, and fats is essential for everyone including diabetics. Ayurveda suggests a vata and pitta pacifying diet that includes whole and unprocessed foods. It emphasizes the importance of taking grains like barley, vegetables such as fenugreek and bitter melon, or spices like turmeric and cinnamon in your diet.

Physical Activities: For health and wellbeing practicing some kind of physical activity is needed. It equally applies to individuals with diabetes. To maintain healthy blood sugar levels, daily routine should include exercise. Simply walking or doing a few yoga steps can make a big difference in your sugar levels.

Keep monitoring your BS levels before and after exercise to ward off any risk of low blood sugar.

Tips to Manage Diabetes

  • Chart out a diabetes diet that includes carbohydrates, low-fat protein, fiber, and green vegetables. Keep measuring carbohydrate count.
  • Check blood glucose levels routinely.
  • Remain active physically.
  • Visit an ophthalmologist for a regular examination of your eyesight.
  • Type 1 diabetes is insulin-dependent diabetes, so take insulin regularly as prescribed.
  • Herbal diabetes syrup or herbal immunity boosters can be added as a supplement to your regular medication with proper advice from your physician.

Living with diabetes is not easy. To lead a healthy life, a diabetic patient requires careful blood sugar management, proper treatment, diet, and lifestyle modification. The advantages of noni juice and herbal remedies may supplement conventional treatments under the proper guidance of healthcare professionals.

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